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Вторник, 23.10.2018, 12:26
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Too Late
Too Late

First you say that you have to go away
I never should have been with you anyway
Now you say you wanna stay
It's too late, 'cause I'm sending you on your way
You say that you have to go away
I never really loved you anyway
Now you say you wanna stay
It's too late, it's too late

Like a puppet on a string
You came and took control of me
Would've given anything to be your one and only

Filled my head with fantasies
Of what one day you'd give to me
Full of hope for what could be
(I sat and waited patiently)


For a time you were for me
Everything that I could need
Gave time and diamond rings
But something else was missing
You never stayed the whole night through
I suffered, prayed, and cried for you
After all that we've been through
I feel I never even knew you


There's no need to call me on the phone
I don't wanna hear from you no more
No need, don't call
Don't be a fool and stand outside my door
'Cause being the woman that I am
I gotta go on with other plans


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